Historic City in the New Asia

Sitting on the eastern shores of the Black Sea, sandwiched between The Middle East and Russia, the country of Georgia is not in a part of Earth that is known for LGBTQ equality. But the capitol city of Tbilisi, with a population of over a million people, has a community that stands up against the country's conservative Christian Orthodox morals, and embraces diversity, although they do so quietly. In Tbilisi the arts thrive, locals boast of their city's raucous nightclubs, and excellent skiing abounds all around in the winter. Did we mention how Georgian food is the new cuisine du jour? Wine and cheese everywhere!

Good luck trying to read any street signs written in the Georgian language--it is a unique language, without ancestry to any major dialect spoken anywhere else on Earth--but fortunately in Tbilisi there are lots of English speakers who are thrilled to chat it up with visitors. And yes the locals are very friendly, with men even putting their arms around each other, but visitors should not interpret that as anything other than two friends.

Restaurants to check out